Best Vacuum for Dog Hair – What to Consider When Buying

Last Updated on December 24th, 2018

Buying a vacuum for cleaning the dog hairs which can give you the results you want is a tough job. Well, say no more as there are few basic things that you need to know and you are all set to buy the best. However, buying a vacuum cleaner needs some research and also you have to do some study. Well, for making your search easy here is everything that will surely going to help.

Differences Between Regular and Dog Hair Vacuum Cleaners?

No mattes how hard you work, it’s nearly impossible to remove hairs from your house. Lots of people prefer regular vacuum cleaner over dog hair vacuums, but there are a huge difference between both vacuum types. The vacuum that you gonna get for the dog has different features and it works better and gives the best results. The big difference that you can find between the standard vacuum and dog hair vacuum cleaner is the brush and mechanism.

Your standard vacuum has a brush which has two parts and different mechanism which works fine when it comes to removing causal dust as well as cleaning dirt. However, cleaning the dog hairs can be really challenging for the standard vacuum cleaners. For traditional vacuum, picking up the hair from the carpet and from different areas can be really hectic as the hair gets tangled up on the brushes. Also untangling these hairs is really hard and take lots of effort.

Vacuum cleaners for dog hairs has the technology of soft brushes for hair so the hairs not get stuck up anywhere and store only where they have to. The suction part of the dog hairs vacuum cleaners is especially made in order to make your cleaning process simpler. Not just that, the suction is extremely strong so the hairs cannot let stick to the carpets or other areas.

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaner For Dog Hair?

There are different types that you will get once you start your hunt for the vacuum cleaner. However different types hold different features and have their own good or bad points. For getting the best deals, there are a few types that you must know or at least understand the features they are offering so you can pick the right choice and invest your money in a good deal.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

It is Counted as one of the most common vacuum cleaners that you will get in the market and its recommend for cleaning the floors. However, the type will not work that great when it comes to cleaning the narrow spaces or areas which means if your pet love to play here and there then it’s hard to get those places clean. Also, these types of cleaners are heavy which restrict the areas where you can use it.  

However, the suction power of the vacuum is really good and it gives better end results. But when it comes to pet hair cleaning, this one is recommended. About the price, it can vary to the models that you are getting as different models have different features which set the rate of the vacuum.

To clean the floor only you can use the Upright Vacuum Cleaner, However these days Upright vacuums are coming with unique features like they can be turned into canister or handheld type vacuums. So it’s good choice to buy a Upright Vacuum Cleaner to remove the dog hairs.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Another extremely common type that you will find, these cleaners are widely used for household works. With amazing suction power, you can get nice results in cleaning. Also, it is extremely good when it comes to cleaning upholstery, hardwood floors, drapes and not just that you can even clean the stairs.

Apart from that, here you get complete relaxation as it can be used for corner or narrow space cleanings as well. The only or the biggest disadvantage that you get here is the heavyweight which not let you move it here and there that easily.  Also, that problem can be solved if the models are available with the wheels but it also helps in covering larger areas for cleaning. Apart from that, the price of the vacuum cleaner can be a negative side as they are expensive especially if you have the budget to follow.

If there are too much pet hair in your house then you should buy canister vacuum as it is the most versatile vacuum type.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

This type comes with a smaller version as they are small in size which makes the vacuum cleaner easy to store and to move. You can carry your clean anywhere you like, however, these cleaners are hugely recommended only for light use or cleaning. Also, you can use it for cleaning the car seats, closets or kitchen areas.  Not just that they are easily affordable and amazing option if you have not that much need and want to buy something which can work decently.

For removing the hairs from unreachable areas and for portable cleaning, handheld vacuums are good choice.

How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Dog Hair

Buying vacuum cleaner for cleaning for your dog hairs is not an easy thing. There are lots of points that you need to consider. The need for both things are different and consider the basic point will help you in getting the perfect vacuum cleaner which let you get rid of odor as well as the hairs that your dog spread.

Do consider the breed you have

Lots of breeds tend to shred more hairs than any other breed. Not just that, the breed of your dog may help you to understand what kind of vacuum cleaner will be worked fine. Apart from this, different dogs have different kind of hairs. Some are allergic but some are not, different dogs have a different kind of furs. Some are big, and some are small. 

Your house’s complete layouts

Another point that you should consider when you are buying the vacuum cleaner, do consider the layout of your house. Also, check where your dog spend most of the time, it can be your car seats, carpets or furniture.These are different in cleaning and different vacuum cleaners have their own selective places where they can work fine. Well, it’s a great thing to consider which will not let you by anything and it will also increase the efficiency of your vacuum cleaners.

Features that plays the key role

Apart from everything, there are some features which you will get common in the most vacuums. However different features help in understanding what kind of things you can do with the cleaner that you are buying. Here are points that can help you:

Want a bag or don’t want bag: Lots of vacuum cleaners which are introduced lately don’t have bags; however you will get this feature in traditional ones. With the bagless vacuum, there are its own pros and cons that you will get.

The advantage is you will never run out of those bags and also don’t have to waste money on buying bags which are extremely expensive. But talking about the disadvantage, these bags are really helpful to perform the task nicely and neatly. Also, those who prefer hygienic over anything, it was a good option.

Do you get HEPA Filters?

Highly recommended by the people as well as the experts that everyone needs to buy vacuum cleaner which comes with HEPA filters. The reason behind the high recommendation is the assurance that you will get as it help in covering 99.9 % dirt which also includes the dirt that your dog love to spread. You can get complete safety from a disease which can occur due to the hair of your dogs. Also if you or your loved ones have allergies then this feature is something that you should definitely look no matter what.

Brush agitator is important too

Well, one of the most obvious thing people should never forget to check. But there are most of the vacuum cleaners where you can get these accessories which help in pulling out the dirt that you get in your carpet. However, it’s a big relief if your dog spends most of the time on carpets as it will help you in pulling all dog hairs and also give you the best results that you are looking for. The feature is important to consider for those who are worried as they are facing too much dog shreds.

Top Vacuums For Dog Hairs

#1 Shark Rotator Lift Away

The first and most highlighted reason behind buying the shark rotator lift away is its reliability. Talking about the shark rotator lift away, the model comes with an upright canister cleaner which helps you in cleaning those areas which is hard for any other vacuum cleaner.

For that, you just have to detach the canister from the vacuum and easily use it for cleaning those hard areas without changing the power which keeps the brush roll moving. The whole thing will be easily done without creating any kind of a hassle and will work effectively on all type of areas almost.

Also, you can clean the bare floor as well, the vacuum will clean all debris that is stuck to the floor and also pick up the dust. Another highlighted reason is Truepet motorized brush and pet multi-tool which make the vacuum cleaner one of the best options for cleaning your dog hairs.

The vacuum comes with anti-allergen which gives the 99.9% cleaning results. You can simply switch the controls whenever you like, also making it simpler the model also have Dynamic Swivels steering. It helps in controlling the vacuum cleaner comfortably and moves it in different directions.

  • The cleaner help you in getting results and clean the allergens 99.9% with the help of complete steal technology
  • Here you get two in one cleaner
  • The steering is dynamic swivel
  • The suction power of the vacuum is great
  • It can be a little heavy, however, it depends on the people
  • Lift away pipe of the vacuum cleaner is small in size

#2 Hoover T series windtunnel (UH70210)

If you are looking for vacuum cleaners which can be helpful in cleaning narrow areas, well hoover can be the really ideal choice for that. There are other options available which make the hoover flexible for use and easy to access the controls.  

Also, there are five different positions that can be used to change or adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner according to your comfort. It comes with 25 feet cord which can be comfortably rewind and also covers the large area, not just that you can simply retract the cord back to the cleaner.

This help in creating no mess or wire tangled issues either. For cleaning the pet hairs, the vacuum has an air-powered pet hand tool which helps in cleaning the things nicely.

The upholstery tool helps when it comes to cleaning the furniture if you want to remove hairs from that too. For adding the quality, the vacuum cleaner also has crevice tool which helps in cleaning all the tight spots. The tool has 12 inches attached extension wand and with 8 foot long Stretched Hose you can easily clean under the furniture, stairs or curtains etc.

  • The vacuum does not have any bag attached
  • Air powered tool which is good for cleaning pet hair
  • The rate of the cleaner is much cheaper as compared to other options in the market
  • The trapped dirt has WindTunnel technology
  • For cleaning furniture, pet upholstery tool is also available
  • The extension wand is given but still, there are some chances that you feel to get a little more extended wand

#3 Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum

Dyson is really good at making powerful vacuum cleaner and DC65 is powerful upright vacuum. It uses Radial Root Cyclone technology and a reconfigured brush bar to remove more dirt and dust from the all type of surfaces.

Like other upright vacuums there is no need to adjust the head manually as DC65 has an active base-plate that self-adjusts the head across every floor type. It maintains close contact with the floor at all times, automatically raising and lowering and by doing this it provides superb cleaning performance.

It’s animal upright vacuum so if you want to clean the pet hair with vacuum then you are gonna love it. Also it’s bin can be cleaned with help of single button. Just push the button and dump the dirt into recycle bin.

There is no problem of suction lose so you will always get powerful suction on all type of floors. It comes with 5 year of warranty and with the help of it’s accessories you can easily clean your house.

  • There is no need to worry about anything as the vacuum comes with no filter maintenance feature
  • The cleaning head can be adjusted according to the way you like and also it has a self-adjusting feature
  • Long cord and long hose for effective cleaning
  • Easy to empty and washable filters
  • It’s a quiet vacuum so it will not disturb others
  • Even with the features and recommends as the best vacuum for pet house, the price of the vacuum cleaner is bit high    
  • Not fun for stairs

#4 Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum

1650A Bissell Vacuum cleaner comes with tangle free brush role so there is no chance that pet hair will stuck on the brush. With it’s Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System vacuum separates the pet hair and human hairs from dirt.

With it’s special pet tools you can easily remove the pet hair from all around your house. With the help of it’s SmartSeal Allergen System, vacuum capture and hold dust and allergens inside the vacuum, so they don’t escape back into the air you breathe. So you will always get fresh and breathable air after vacuuming.

BISSELL 1650A pet hair eraser vacuum provides Edge to Edge cleaning and so It’s SuctionEdge technology picks more and more pet hairs that most of other vacuum fails to pick.

You can easily use this vacuum on multiple surfaces including carpets, hard surfaces, upolstery, and more. It’s Swivel Steering provides easily maneuver around furniture and other spaces in the home. It comes with useful tools like Quick Release Wand, LED Lighted Crevice Tool, Pet TurboEraser Tool and 2 in 1 Pet Brush.

  • One of the ideal options for dog hair cleaning
  • The cleaning you get is edge to edge
  • Get rid of pet odor from your room easily with Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator
  • The vacuum is updated with the technology like smart seal allergen system
  • There is no retractable power cord and you have to follow the manual functions for doing that

#5 Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog Upright Vacuum

Not just good for cleaning house where dogs and cats also live but the vacuum is great when it comes to cleaning uneven surfaces. The vacuum suction is satisfying which help you in getting the results that you are looking for.

Not just that, the vacuum comes with swivel neck technology like patent feature which helps in moving as well as directing the cleaner easily. Also, you can do cleaning when it comes to the large area without getting tired or worried about anything.  

Air clean filter bag and active air clean are also considered as key features which keep the dirt inside the cleaner without polluting your house or spreading any kind of germs. It comes with LED headlights so you can do the cleaning even in the dark place.

Apart from this, you also get the option to adjust the height. Not just that, there are different features that you can get and it will help you in cleaning your house and also making sure that the pet hair never bothers anywhere.

  • It’s easy to handle and direct the vacuum as the way you want
  • The vacuum cleaner comes with an air clean filter bag
  • You also get a charcoal layer with air clean filter which helps in removing the pet odor 
  • The vacuum cleaner is pricey as compared to other
  • However, if you want to do the cleaning in narrow areas then you should not go with this. The vacuum is not good with narrow areas

#6 Electrolux Ultra-Flex Canister Vacuum

Well, this one is good if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner which can be helpful in removing the hairs from carpets and hard floors. The cleaner works really fine and lets you enjoy the best result at the end.

Apart from the cleaning, you are getting various things attached. The list includes crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, bare floor nozzle, and distich brush. All these accessories help in getting the results that you are looking for.

Also for cleaning pet hairs, you are getting 3-level different height adjustment which let you do the work much easier and hassle-free.

It covers most of the floors which are also a highlighted point that you should know. The suction power of the vacuum is strong which a can easily pull the hairs and also reduce the time that you waste on doing that.

It comes with on/off switch to control the brush roll so whenever you wan to clean the hardwood floor turn of the brush roll and you will be good to go. Not just that, it’s also recommended for cleaning the items which are sensitive such as couch and curtains.

Well, you can also do the cleaning around the furniture and other places as you are getting controllable features and other benefits. With it’s 33 ft. long cord it will be very easy to clean the rooms in one go without changing the outlets. 

  • Suction power can be controlled and also you get complete rid of hairs of dogs    
  • The vacuum is not loud as it can be helpful if you don’t like the sound too much   
  • The vacuum is highly recommended for hardwood floor and carpet cleaning
  • Long cords which allow you to use it and also cover the areas
  • Comes with HEPA filtration
  • The hose of the accyn is stiff
  • You have to change the brush when you want to switch floor cleaning to the carpet cleaning and vice versa  
  • Also, the capacity of dust is lower as compared to any other options that you get in the market

#7 Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover Canister Vacuum

Well, you can consider this one if you are strongly looking for a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the dog hairs and etc related things. Here you are getting HEPA filtration which is important as it assures you to the allergy free environment.

Also, in addition, you get lots of things which includes thing like crevice tool, pet power paw, blower port, and dusting & upholstery brush. These will help you in getting the complete clean house with no dog furs or hairs.

Eureka 3684F is light in weight which helps in carrying it anywhere you like. You can easily access the vacuum cleaner as the way you want without worrying about the instructions.

Not just that, This vacuum has amazing suction power even the size of the cleaner is small which help in pulling out the hairs that are stuck on woods and tiles, also it comes with great hassle-free option as well. If you are a worried about the cords, well no more as you are getting the long cord.

  • Great suction power
  • Long cord available
  • Good for pulling out the hairs stuck into different areas
  • Smaller item can be sucked which is very hard to clean
  • The vacuum is fragile


Well, after all these points it can be easy to buy a vacuum for your dog hairs.  Consider different option that you are getting along with the features, price, and areas that are covered. Do consider the factors which help in selecting the best option and cracking the most profitable deal!

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