Bissell Crosswave vs Symphony – Which One Is Best For Cleaning?

When it comes to cleaning floor, having the best vacuum cleaner is very good as it will help you to make your work more easy. Also if you vacuum can clean both wet and dry floor/messes easily then believe me your luckiest person on the earth. Using different tools for wet and dry floor/messes not only need more money but also takes more energy and time which is completely waste.

So it’s really wise to buy a vacuum which has feature to clean both type of messes at the same time. You can also use first vacuum and then steam mop but why, as you can do both work with single machine. Yes BISSELL have that kind of vacuums and the name of these are Crosswave and Symphony.

The both have almost similar kind of features and both are high-quality machines. There is no doubt that both are well made and often the performance meets or exceeds customer expectations. However both are not completely same as there are some difference which makes easy to choose the best one between BISSELL crosswave vs symphony. Read the below comparison and decide which one you need.

BISSELL Crosswave vs Symphony Quick Comparison

Product ImageCord LengthVacuum TypeWeightTank CapacityPrice & Reviews
25 ft. cordVacuum + Steam Mop10.6 lbs13.5 oz Check Here
25 ft. cordVacuum Only11.6 lbs28 oz Check Here

BISSELL Symphony

Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood and Tile Floors, with Microfiber Mop Pads, 1543A

BISSELL symphony is a vacuum plus steam mop and it is named as all in one pet vacuum. There is no doubt that it is a really good vacuum cleaner as it has ability to vacuum all type of pet hair, debris allergies and dirt. It can also pick up the heavy objects without much trouble, so you will always get easy cleaning.

As I said it’s steam mop and vacuum so it will not only vacuum your floor but also steam at the same time. It come with easy touch digital controls which allows you to quickly choose between low-steam and high-steam, also from the same panel you can choose the vacuum modes. Best thing is that the heater warm-up in 30 seconds.

As per the reviews it is best vacuum cleaner to pick up light, medium, and heavy messes on all of your hard flooring. But there is a problem with this vacuum which is it’s not a good vacuum for carpet cleaning. As it doesn’t have brush roll so you won’t be able to do deep cleaning but for the top lawyer you can use this vacuum but don’t expect deep carpet cleaning from this vacuum.

It has Drop-IT technology which gives you no-hassle while cleaning and also hands-free tank emptying of messes and pet hair. As it has two different modes it comes with two different type pads first soft microfiber mop pad which is useful to clean the easy messes and another soft microfiber mop pad for stickier messes like for those who needs extra scrubbing.

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  • Simple to switch between steam-mop and vacuum
  • Suction power is good
  • Mops and vacuums at the same time
  • 2 type of Microfiber pad for light and heavy duty messes
  • Hot steam works wonders on stuck on messes
  • You can turn off the steam if you want to vacuum only
  • Easy to store as it stands upright on its own
  • 2 levels of steam for heavier and lighter messes
  • Not good for deep carpet cleaning
  • Cannot get into tighter spaces
  • Cord placement is at wrong place

BISSELL Crosswave

BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner with Wet-Dry Vacuum, 1785A

Bissell crosswave is the best vacuum cleaner as it can clean and wash your hard wood floor at the same time. Crosswave can remove debris, spills, and sticky messes from hard surfaces with a dual-action brush roll and multi-surface cleaning solution, and it freshens area rugs, too.

The Bissell CrossWave is an all-in-one multi-surface cleaner that promises to wash hard surfaces, clean and freshen rug areas, and vacuum in one easy step.

It comes with dual tank technology which helps it to not to mix dirty and clean water. While cleaning the floor it will keep the dust and dirty water in different tank and to clean the floor it will use the clean water. You can add anything like plain water or detergent in it too.

Best thing about this BISSELL crosswave is that it can clean deep clean the carpets as it has a brush roll which can be used for any type of floor. Brush roll is made of microfiber and nylon, which works well for picking up wet messes and for sending dust and dirt into the vacuum itself.

There is no doubt that this vacuum is easy to maintain and use. It comes with good handle and it can be store easily, as it can stand on it’s own. It is a carpet vacuum and hardwood floor vacuum too.

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  • Good suction and great features
  • Easy to switch between carpet to hard floors
  • Easy to store and can stand on it’s own
  • Wet cleaning, uses less water for carpets
  • Dry vacuum cleaner
  • Dual-tank technology
  • Speed brush roll makes cleaning more easy
  • Not good for thick carpets
  • Edge cleaning is difficult with this vacuum

BISSELL Crosswave VS Symphony – Conclusion

So as you read both vacuum’s reviews now it depends on what features you need. Like if you want to buy vacuum with steam mop then go for Symphony but on the other side Crosswave can do that too but Crosswave is not a steam mop. Symphony is best for cleaning hard floor, heavier messes and pet hair. Crosswave is best for both hardwood and carpet floor (not thick carpet) and it can also clean pet hair and heavier messes too. It can also wash and vacuum your floor at the same time. So now it’s up to you which one you want.

Hello, VacuumHub is specially designed to help people get the best vacuum cleaners, keeping your house clean is important and vacuum cleaner is your best pal when it comes to cleaning. I am trying my best to help you to find the best vacuum on the market.

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  1. I have the symphony. I like it a lot for my vinyl plank flooring. The only downside is that if not careful it will leave wheel marks on the floor.

  2. Thanks , I have just been searching for information about these two vacuums and you covered all the things.
    I am going with Symphony.


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